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Overland from South Australia to the Victorian goldfields 1851-52; routes taken, modes of travel, conditions experienced

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The Overland Gold Travel Guide has been prepared to guide you in following the route/s of those who travelled overland from South Australia to the Victorian goldfields in late 1851 and 1852 – the very early days of the Victorian gold 'rush'.

This Guide is presented in 3 sections – as there are two significant points where the various routes converge which feature in almost all the accounts located:

While the Guide itself provides some background and contextual information, further detail is available via the Setting the Scene, Information Resources and Historical Context pages. It has been produced with the intention that detail will be updated as information becomes available, and your feedback is welcome.

Download the Travel Guides (below), take the trip and contribute an account of your journey for inclusion in the Recent Travellers section.


Important Practicalities:

In an effort to follow as closely as possible not only the route, and to reflect the type of country the travellers passed through, a high proportion of the roads suggested in this Guide bypass today’s highways, and many are gravel. There are limited shopping facilities in some areas – so if you plan to take your time and stop to sight-see, it would be advisable to be prepared to take a picnic lunch. There are plenty of opportunities for bush camping or just stopping along the way to enjoy the natural environment.

Some stopping points are suggested for their relevance to 1850s travel, but this is not intended to be a comprehensive list. Further research will be needed depending on your mode of travel, time available and the section of route you are following.

As with all overland travel – please ensure your vehicle is fully prepared and equipped.

Suggested packing list:

And most importantly, the relevant section of this TRAVEL GUIDE.


Section 1
Section 1

SECTION 1: All areas in South Australia to the Murray River crossing at Wellington:

Section 1 Routes Travel Guide PDF Downloads
PART A Burra to Adelaide – via 1850’s 'copper roads' Part A only All
Section 1
PART B Adelaide to Wellington Part B only
PART C Burra to Wellington via Reedy Creek Mine Part C only

SECTION 2: Wellington to the Wimmera

Section 2 Routes Travel Guide PDF Downloads
PART A via Reedy Creek and Mt Arapiles Part A only All Section 2
PART B via Reedy Creek and Officer’s Station Part B only
PART C via Bordertown – ‘northern route’ Part C only
Section 2
Section 2


SECTION 3: Wimmera to Goldfields

Section 3 Routes Travel Guide PDF Downloads
PART A Glenorchy to Castlemaine Parts A & B All Section 3
PART B Glenorchy to Castlemaine via Moonambel and Avoca
PART C Continuation of Parts A and B – on to Bendigo Part C only
Section 3
Section 3


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