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Route/s from Adelaide to Wellington

Most accounts from early 1852 mention travel from Adelaide via Macclesfield or Mount Barker to Strathalbyn and on to Wellington to cross the Murray River. Other sources mention a shorter route being surveyed around that time known as Chauncey’s Line.
Further information regarding routes in these areas would be welcome.

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1851 Road from Burra to Adelaide

Maps or other details or of early roads from Burra to the south are sought – those to Adelaide and in particular those connecting with routes to early crossing places over the Murray River.

We understand that the main route south from Burra followed the original ‘Copper Roads’ linking Burra with Port Adelaide and Adelaide.  The beginnings of this appear to be the ‘Adelaide Road’, a gravel road which turns to the south off the current highway a short way out of Burra.

Moira Drew

Project Coordinator

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Earliest documented overland journey

The earliest account so far located of an overland journey to the Victorian goldfields, is that of Richard Clode who left Adelaide on 20 October 1851. His journey is described in a letter held by the State Library of South Australia (D 3105(L)) and quoted in the Manning Index of South Australian History –

We would be interested to know of detailed accounts of other journeys in late 1851.

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Overland Gold Blog

Welcome to our blog.

We are interested in details of any overland journey between South Australia and the Victorian goldfields, especially in the period 1851 to 1852.

Contributions and comments on any aspect of the research, or the project generally, is welcome.

Moira Drew, Project Coordinator

Overland Gold

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