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A small group of Cornish Association members meet regularly to promote and learn the Cornish Language. These include experts who have passed their exams and also those just starting out.
Amongst this group are three Cornish Language Bards - Stephen Amos, Stephen Morey and Peter Trevorah.

All Cornish Association members are welcome to attend and more details of meeting venues can be obtained by contacting the Secretary of the CAV

The C.A.V. has been active in the Cornish language revival movement for some years. Our senior language bard is Stephen Amos. Stephen who became a language bard in the late 1980's and was an active committee member of the association for many years. He counts among his many contributions to the revival movement the translation of an entire book of the old Testament as part of the Cornish Language Board's project to translate the Bible into Cornish.

Stephen Morey completed a thesis on certain minority languages in India and Burma and so his linguistic net is spread very wide. Stephen has spent time in Cornwall conversing with the most fluent speakers of the language - and has brought back the 'intelligence' so gained for the benefit for the others in the language group.
In 2001, the two Stephens were joined by a third CAV language bard, Peter Trevorah.
Peter has since conducted classes in the language both through the Association and the Council of Adult Education. Under the learned linguistic editorship of the late Ray Edwards (the father of the Cornish correspondence course), Peter has published the novel 'Brenda'. It is believed still to be the longest novel in the language and the only one specifically written for young adults.
The other two stalwarts of the group are Janet Woolhouse and June Halls. Janet has been the gentle hostess for the group's meetings for many years and, with her great mate, June, they are wont to perform enthusiastically numerous playlets for the amusement of the others members. Both Janet and June have passed their 'Grade 3' exams (the second highest level) in the language.

Stephen Amos and Peter Trevorah have deposited with the Association's library copies of various (published and unpublished) Cornish language manuscripts written by them.
As an example of their work, you may read "Trayturi", a condensed version of a short story by Peter which was commended by the Gorsedh Kernow in its 2000 prose competition.

Other sample pieces will be uploaded from time to time.

For more information contact

The Secretary

Phone: (03) 9877 2968


Email: The Secretary

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