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- Objectives of the CAV -

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The Association was formed in 1986.

Our objectives are:

    To promote and foster goodwill among Cornish people and people in Victoria

    To stimulate interest in the History, Family History, Antiquities, Traditions and Social Conditions of Cornwall

    To aid approved Cultural Movements in and associated with Cornwall

    To endeavour to arrange contact between relatives and friends of Cornish people both in Victoria and Cornwall
        and with other Cornish Associations.

    To further awareness in the Victorian community of the importance of the Cornish emigration in the
       development of Australia.

    To assist and to encourage in conjunction with State Organizations, Local Government and the National Trust,
        the restoration and maintenance of buildings/areas of importance to the Cornish Heritage in Australia.

    To be a non-political, non-sectarian, cultural organization.

To achieve these objectives the Association operates an extensive library and operates special groups:

   Cornish Born     

 The Association is managed and controlled by a Committee of Management of 20 members, representing the various groups including the Ballarat Branch and the Geelong Branch.

Membership is open to people with an interest in their Cornish Heritagel and whose applications are approved by the Committee.

A quarterly Newsletter is produced to inform members of events here and in Cornwall.

The Association is a member of:

The Cornwall Family History Society

The Royal Historical Society of Victoria

The Victorian Association of Family History Organisations
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